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[DLSite] Flower Princess Elulu – Molestation Train – Groping Training Edition

[DLSite]フラワープリンセス エルル -痴漢車両・お触り調教編-

[FANZA]フラワープリンセス エルル -痴●車両・お触り調教編-

Google Translation
The following are the changes due to Ver1.80 upgrade.
・Improved startup speed
・Add bad ending (※1)
・Strengthening the molester event for getting off the last train (1st time is production enhancement, 2nd time is added)(※2)
・Change of translation method & enhancement of translation range (※3)
・Other additions (※4)

※1 Bad Ending

If you meet either of the following conditions and challenge the final battle, you will get a bad ending.
・Sex development over 300 and love juice
・No skirt ※

By the way, Elulu’s reaction changes depending on the value of sexual development and the presence or absence of sexual knowledge.
It is recommended to enter the bad ending route with sexual development of 400 or more.

※If any of the following conditions are met, you will be able to challenge the final battle even if you are restrained or have no clothes.
・Experienced over 400 sexual development events
・Over 400 exposed sex development
・15 days or more have passed

※2 Molester event for getting off the last train

Conditions for event generation are complicated, so the conditions are summarized below.

  1. She is perverted by saying “We are lovers.” at an event of over 400 sex development.
  2. At the time of Elulu’s fainting, the panties are stripped off until there is no substitute underwear
     First time, Elulu will forcibly arrange for replacement underwear.
     Second time, underwear arrangement will be optional (you can act without wearing underwear)
  3. Go to the station platform with no underwear and raise a skirt rolling event
  4. Get on the last train (23:00) without wearing a skirt
  5. There will be a pervert event for the last train to get off!

※3 Change of translation method & Enhancement of translation range

The translation method was changed to the external file (csv) reading format.
For details, please refer to the text file under the “translation” folder.
With the cooperation of volunteer supporters, the translation of the main route from the opening to the ending (※) has been completed.
※Bad ending is not translated

※4 Other additions

・Add sound effect when acme
・In “Change speed” and “Change action”, the auto mode was forcibly turned on when the selection icon was changed, but changed to do nothing. (Auto mode ON/OFF switching by clicking the same icon is the same)
・Add a stoop pose
・Slightly modified weakness pose graphics
・Added the item “Figure” (obtained in the contaminated area below 200)
 After you get the figure, you can reduce it from the Elulu icon at the bottom of the screen.



I am doing my best to translate Google, but if you do not understand the meaning or if you do not need translation, please tell me …


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